Here at 360 Degrees of Fitness & Wellness in Needham Heights, MA, we are proud to offer a fitness facility designed with the intention of benefiting both personal trainers and their clients.

As personal trainers ourselves, we know the struggle you face to find a dedicated space to serve your clients. With a gym partnership, you’re going to be paying fees and percentages that undercut your bottom line. At 360 Degrees in Massachusetts, we want to see your business succeed. If you’re a personal trainer looking to serve your clients in a functional, turnkey fitness and wellness rental space, look no further; we want to partner with you.

The fitness and wellness rental spaces you’ll have access to at 360 Degrees are ideal for growing your personal training business and making your clients feel comfortable. Our services are straightforward; we provide a turnkey fitness and wellness space for both startup and established businesses. Our goal is to cater to entrepreneurs who are looking to start, expand, or re-modify their fitness or wellness business without having to partner with a gym that will charge fees and take a percentage of your income. At 360 Degrees, you’ll have access to private studios, paid for at either an hourly or monthly flat-rate, depending on what is most convenient for you and your business model. We offer flexible schedules and allow you to set hours that will meet the needs of your clients.

To learn more about our fitness and wellness rental space, contact us today.