In Cambridge, Massachusetts, about 15 minutes outside Boston, a group of friends saw an opportunity to create a business specifically for organizing entertaining community races. Cambridge 5K or C5K, has been around since 2011 and will be responsible for 7 different social road racing events in 2019.

The Boston Marathon is still one of the largest racing events in the country, with people coming from all over the world to sign up and compete in the annual event, C5K has used that to their advantage to become a celebrated event for the Boston community.

December 9th C5K is having their 8th annual Yulefest. Harvard Square, in Boston, Yulefest is a giving the holidays an old school vibe with Yulefest, a 5K race with a block party and live DJ. It is important to make sure the event itself is captivating for the audience. Cambridge 5K is well aware and has gained sponsorship from some of the celebrated brewing companies in the Boston area. For more information on the event, who will be there, or how to sign up visit Cambridge 5k website and Facebook page!