As an athletic trainer, part of your job is to teach your clients the proper form and technique to prevent injuries during workouts and competition. At 360 Degrees of Fitness & Wellness, we know keeping your clients safe is one of your highest priorities. That’s why you need a functional and fully equipped training space to provide your clients with the highest level of professionalism possible. Our athletic training room includes state-of-the-art equipment for workouts such as artificial turf, weighted balls, free-standing boxing bags, suspension straps, balance trainers, and more.

Athletic training is all about speed, mobility, power, strength, and agility. A serious athlete will expect to work out in a facility that can accommodate their goals to reach the height of their athletic abilities. As a trainer, it’s important to have access to the type of training equipment that will aid your client in achieving their objective. If you’ve been looking for the perfect training facility, 360 Degrees has everything you need to serve your clients appropriate workouts while helping grow your business. We don’t charge extra fees or take a percentage of your income. Simply pay hourly or monthly for the type of schedule that will work best for you and your clients.

To learn more about the athletic training room at 360 Degrees and our other fitness rental spaces, contact us today.