One of the main benefits of massage therapy is relaxation. People seek out massages to relax the muscles in their bodies, to release the tension from their minds, and to rejuvenate in a peaceful environment especially after a particularly rigorous gym class. As a massage therapist, you know the importance of creating a tranquil place of rest for your clients to feel comfortable and at ease. The last thing you want to do is to have to resort to setting up a table in your living room because you just can’t find a rental space that will allow you to both grow your business and have a professional office. That’s why you need the help of 360 Degrees of Fitness & Wellness.

We offer fitness and wellness rental spaces to certified professionals who are looking to work in an office that is well-equipped to meet their needs. We also offer flexible scheduling and a flat-rate for either hourly or monthly rental options. We want to see your business grow, which means you need as little overhead as possible. You no longer have to worry about finding the perfect place for you and your clients. Our massage therapy room has a holistic vibe and plenty of space to comfortably conduct your business, separate from the other studios hosting gym classes.

To learn more about our massage therapy room and our wellness rental spaces, contact us today.